The importance of a reliable supply chain in modular home building

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At Canopies UK, we’re proud to have supplied over 100,000 GRP door canopies across the UK. Our varied product range means house builders can easily select the ideal door canopy for their project and colour-match it to the property’s fixtures.

We know how important it is for house builders to have a reliable supply chain, so we’ve made the process as quick and easy as possible. It’s a tried and tested way of working that’s led to us being trusted by leading house builders like Persimmon Homes, Taylor Wimpey and St Modwen.

Door canopies for modular homes

We also have a track record of suppling door canopies for modular house builders. Our canopies are a perfect finishing touch for modular homes, from a partner that housebuilders know they can rely on.

But what is modular housing? While it’s not a new concept, it’s one that’s certainly increasing in popularity, largely thanks to huge advances in manufacturing, artificial intelligence and robotics. Here’s a little more about how it works.

How does modular housebuilding work?

Modular housebuilding is a modern method of construction that is gaining momentum in the UK in response to the housing and climate crises. In modular house building, new homes are manufactured in individual sections offsite in a factory-controlled environment, using innovative building methods. The modules are then transported to the build site where they can be installed in just a matter of hours.

What are the benefits of modular house building?

There are a host of great benefits to modular house building:

  • By manufacturing homes offsite and deploying precision-engineering techniques along production lines, modular housebuilders can build home much faster than housebuilders that use traditional methods.
  • Building homes in a factory as opposed to on-site means building schedules aren’t affected by factors that often cause delays, like adverse weather conditions.
  • As a process, modular building is reliable and repeatable. Think of it as more like car manufacturing than house building.
  • Modular house building is helping alleviate the problems arising from a shortage of skilled construction labour. Because it is more akin to manufacturing than construction, modular housebuilders are able to draw from different talent pools – spanning digital design to advanced robotics.
  • There are efficiency gains associated with factory-built homes – like better and improved levels of air tightness.

All of this comes together to result in homes that are built in incredibly efficient time frames.

How much is a modular home in the UK?

The cost of a modular home in the UK can vary widely depending on different factors, including the size of the home, the location it will be placed, its design and specifications, the specific manufacturer, and the complexity of the project.

Modular homes are often priced by square metre and generally are priced competitively compared to traditionally built homes. On average, buyers could pay between £2000 and £2800 per square metre – although these are estimates and the actual cost could vary considerably.

Do you need planning permission for a modular home in the UK?

Yes, you do require planning permission when building a modular home in the UK. There are exceptions for certain types of modular structures, like temporary buildings and buildings used for certain types of industrial use. In general though, if used for residential purposes, you must follow the same permission processes as with a traditional brick-and-mortar house.

Seamless production with a trusted supply chain

Supply chain issues can be a huge challenge for any business. Having a reliable and consistent supply chain has never been so important. Modular housebuilders often require a constant flow of materials. When choosing a partner or supplier, they need quality, reliability, speed and flexibility, all at a great price. That’s where we come in.

We help modular housebuilders standardise the products that they use, with ready to go GRP door canopies that can be dropped in as a perfect finishing touch. Our broad range of products means home builders can choose a design that’s sympathetic to each build, and our reliable systems and processes mean they don’t have to worry about supply chain issues. We can even design bespoke door canopies perfectly suited to an individual homebuilder’s requirements. We have a constant supply of exclusive stock that’s ready to go when needed, further alleviating any concerns about availability.

We pride ourselves on quality. Designed and manufactured on-site using the highest quality products and materials, every single product within our door canopy portfolio conforms to British Standard, BS399-3 and European Standard, EN1991-1-3:2003.

Our reliability is underpinned by our British manufacturing, an aspect of our operation that’s crucial to our partners. In a fast-paced manufacturing facility, prompt and scheduled deliveries are key to maintaining factory flow. British manufacturing ensures quick availability of products and reduces the chance of delays. It’s also a greener option. With fewer miles to travel, each product has a much lower carbon footprint than if it was manufactured overseas and flown to the customer – reducing plane emissions that are damaging to the planet.

If you’re a home builder looking for GRP door canopies for your project, please get in touch. Our door canopy systems are available in the widest range of styles, making them perfect for planned maintenance, refurbishment and new build projects.