Cantabria: The cantilever canopy with a retractable roof

Our Cantabria canopy is a state-of-the-art product that’s making a widespread difference, particularly within the hospitality and education sectors. By simply installing one of these systems, it's possible to seat more people comfortably all-year round and make the most of available space.

Many of our hospitality customers have found that it’s instantly given their venues the wow factor.

The Cantabria’s also having a major impact on the education sector too. Space is at a real premium these days and lots of nurseries, schools and colleges are installing the system to create the extra dining, learning and play space they need.

It doesn’t just look super stylish, it’s highly functional too. It can extend from the wall to create a completely new room. The cantilever canopy design means it can be installed as a free-standing, self-contained area, with no pillars or posts at the free end.


Stylish and practical

Our customers love it because:

  • The roof can be retracted at the touch of a button
  • There’s so many glass sides to choose from – fixed, folding, sliding, balustrade and internal
  • The frame, guttering, waterproof roof and glass screens create a UV-protected environment
  • The system offers 100 per cent protection in wind speeds of up to 60km/h when fully closed
  • It’s available in any length and projections of up to 10 metres for single and 20 metres for twin units
  • The glass screens easily transform an open space into a stylish, fully enclosed unit
  • It can be fitted with LED lighting and heating


System Applications

Dining Areas

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We’ve installed countless Cantabria canopy shelters for multiple organisations across multiple sectors.


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