Factory and warehouse entrance canopies

Shelter staff and visitors from the weather as they make their way on and off-site by installing an industrial entrance canopy.

As eye-catching as they are inviting; entrance canopies instantly make a welcoming and stylish statement to guests and visitors. Suitable for all buildings, industrial canopy shelters transform entrances into grand entrances, which can be a particularly useful way of making it easier for people to find them on large sites.

Our bespoke design, installation and manufacturing service, combined with our industry-leading site-specific calculations, means our industrial canopy systems are engineered for purpose and built to last.

Whether you are looking to make the right first impression or provide practical industrial canopy shelter, we design, manufacture and install entrance canopies that tick both of these boxes, and more.

Benefits of building entrance canopies

What are the benefits of using an industrial canopy? Well, industrial canopies provide shelter from the elements all year round – from the wind, rain, ice and snow in the winter, to the sun’s harmful UV rays in the summer.

Our industrial canopies cover the widest range of designs, colours and styles, including freestanding and wall-mounted. And they can even be colour-matched to surrounding buildings or your brand colours.

Manufactured without any supporting pillars or posts, these systems, which include the highly stylish Italia and Olympus and hugely popular Connekt, protect staff, guests and other visitors from the elements, with minimum obstructions.

Freestanding industrial entrance canopies don’t need to be attached to or supported by other structures. They can also be designed so that the supporting posts are positioned at the back, minimising the risk of obstruction and fully opening up the space beneath.


So many factories and warehouses are turning their entrances into eye-catching focal points, simply by installing one of our industrial canopy shelters. Here’s a small selection of our industrial entrance canopies in situ.

  • FAQs
  • This can vary depending on the canopy system you choose. Our industrial entrance canopies are made from galvanized steel posts with a powder-coated finish (Connekt and Olympus), which comes in a range of standard colours. We can also colour-match to a provided RAL number for a bespoke shade. The Italia is made with an aluminium structure.

    Our industrial canopy roofing is made from fibreglass or polycarbonate. Please get in touch for more details about the specific canopy system you are interested in.

  • Our canopies are all bespoke, so the price of your industrial entrance canopy will vary depending on the system and size. We offer a free site survey after which you’ll receive a full price breakdown.

  • Again, this depends on the system you choose and the complexity of the installation. We can give you a clearer idea after your site survey, but in many cases a standard entrance installation can be completed within one day.

  • As our systems are bespoke, we can work with you to find a solution that works for you. We have experience installing canopies at height, and for most industrial canopy installations we need to ensure they are high enough for large delivery vehicles to fit beneath.

  • All of our industrial canopy systems require very minimal maintenance. As with any outdoor structure, we would recommend periodic clearing of any guttering, as well as cleaning when needed to make sure it looks its best. You don’t need to worry about regular maintenance or painting once the canopy system is installed.

Product Options:

Freestanding Entrances

Wall-mounted Entrances

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Available Systems:

covered walkways


Our Connekt canopy system is a modular system and can be any length – you can even add to it in the future. It is highly versatile and hugely popular, with no limit to how it projects. It is suitable for all outdoor areas, and the cantilevered option is 100% self-supporting.

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covered walkways and canopies


Our Olympus canopy can stand up to 8 metres tall, making it suitable for most locations. It is made from galvanised steel with white or light grey support channels, making it as stylish as it is strong. It can be extended as far as required to meet any requirement. It incorporates a polycarbonate roof that lets in plenty of light, and can manufactured in a high curved or a flat design – making it suitable for all installations.

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covered walkways


Our Italia canopy is sleek and highly attractive, looking really contemporary with its aluminium structure and silver shine finish. It is available with a curved, flat or angular roof, and is available in 5 different models – The Monza, The Sienna, Verona, Livorno and Salerno.

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Site-specific calculations: An explainer guide

Find out more about our site-specific calculations, which are included as standard for every canopy. We’ve covered the entire process and what’s included in our handy guide.

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