Olympus: The highly attractive, extendable canopy

As grand and impressive-looking as its name, Olympus can span up to 8 metres tall and be extended as far as required, thanks to its modular design.

Spacious shelter

One of the main characteristics of this system is the high curved roof, making it the ideal solution for creating sheltered entrances that don’t feel too enclosed. As a result, it’s one of the canopy systems that’s often used to meet our customers’ entrance canopy requirements.

What’s more, the polycarbonate roof lets in plenty of light, while the curved steel channels and patented locking system provide high load resistance, excellent water tightness and stability.


Roof options

Alternatively, if height is an issue, the system can be manufactured to incorporate a flat roof and still create an open and spacious shelter that provides protection from the wind, rain and snow.

Thanks to our industry-leading design, manufacturing and installation service, a wide range of components are available for the Olympus. This means that we’re able to create self-supporting roofs that cover plenty of floor space, depending on the radius of the curve.

Made from galvanised steel and incorporating white or light grey glazing support channels and a powder-coated finish, Olympus’ overall design is eye-catching, while the colour is designed to easily blend in.


System Applications

Related Sectors

We’ve installed countless Olympus canopy shelters for multiple organisations across multiple sectors.


Factory & Warehousing



Sporting Venues

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