Outdoor Dining Canopies

Al fresco dining may be all the rage, but it’s not always possible to deliver it all-year round due to the great British weather.

Outdoor dining canopies instantly create that added wow factor, as well as enable venues to make money from their outdoor space all year, every year. Take our Cantabria canopy, for instance - with one of these systems in place, you can cater for up 184 additional customers*, generating an additional weekly revenue of more than £7,000**.

More and more restaurants, pubs, bars and hotels are tapping into the al fresco dining experience by installing an outdoor dining canopy. However, our outdoor dining canopies aren’t just making a difference within the world of hospitality.

They’re used by organisations from across a wide range of sectors, including hospitals, as well as nurseries, schools and colleges, where they’re used to create much-needed teaching, play and dining space.

* Based on Friday and Saturday, 2 sittings per day.
**Based on £40 per cover = £7,360.

Freestanding outdoor dining canopies

Freestanding dining canopies don’t need to be attached to or supported by other structures and can be manufactured with minimum posts.

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Wall-mounted dining canopies

Wall-mounted dining canopies are safely and securely installed to surrounding walls, creating plenty of open space below.

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Case Studies

View our case studies and see how our canopies are helping so many organisations get more from their outdoor space.

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Outdoor dining canopies are used far and wide to enable organisations to get maximum use from their outdoor areas all-year round and create much-needed additional space. Here are some examples.

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