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How to apply for funding for a school canopy in 2024

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Wondering how to apply for funding for a school canopy in 2024? Grants and funding are a great way for schools to receive the financial support they need for a wide range of projects and activities, from encouraging more music in schools and inspirational school trips to funding improvements to school spaces.

If you’re looking for ways to secure funding for your school, we’ve rounded up the grants you could look into in the second half of 2024. We’ve also included some of the best ways you can fundraise for the school improvements you need.

How to apply for funding for a school canopy in 2024

Music for All

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What do Music for All do?

Music for All is a UK charity focused on spreading joy by improving access to music making. They were established over 25 years ago and in the past five years alone have awarded over £300,000 in grants and donated hundreds of instruments and equipment. They work with individuals, community groups and educational establishments.

How can my school apply for Music for All funding?

Schools can apply through Community Project Funding on Music for All’s website. Please visit the website to see the categories currently available for financial donations.

Aldi Scottish Sport Fund

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What is the Aldi Scottish Sport Fund?

The Aldi Scottish Sport Fund was created to provide financial support to sports clubs in Scotland. This is a great option for schools running extra-curricular clubs who may be concerned about a lack of budget for things like travel and equipment. Since launching in 2016, the Aldi Scottish Sport Fund has provided financial support to over 600 clubs, offering funding totalling more than £390,000.

How can my school apply for the Aldi Scottish Sport Fund?

Your school must be within Scotland to be eligible for the funding. Applications for Dundee & Tayside, are open from Monday 24th June – Sunday 28th July. Applications for Fife, Perth & Kinross run between Monday 29th July – Sunday 1st September. Deadlines for Edinburgh & The Lothians are between Monday 2nd September – Sunday 6th October, and South Scotland schools can apply between Monday 7th October and Sunday 3rd November 2024.

Please visit the Aldi Scottish Sport Fund website to find out more and apply.

British Ecological Society Outreach Grants

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What is the British Ecological Society Outreach Grants programme?

The programme offers funding for projects that increase engagement with ecology. It’s open to individuals and organisations, including schools. The programme supports projects that stimulate discussion about ecology and its implications for society, and inspires people of all ages about the science of ecology – perfect for schools. Grants are available up to £2,000.

How do I apply for the British Ecological Society Outreach Grants programme?

Visit the British Ecological Society website for more information and to apply.

Classics for All

What is Classics for All?

Classics for All is a UK charity that encourages the teaching of classical subjects in state schools. The aim is to enrich the lives of young people through the ancient world by introducing ancient history, classical civilisations, Latin and Greek to at least 1,500 state primary and secondary schools, including many in disadvantaged areas. Classics for All offers support to schools that wish to introduce or expand classics teaching.

How can my school apply for Classics for All funding?

Take a look at the Classics for All website for all the information you need on how to apply for support. You’ll find guidelines on eligibility criteria and the steps you’ll need to take.

Learning through Landscapes Nature Grants

What are the Learning through Landscapes grants?

Provided by Learning through Landscapes, the Local Schools Nature Grants programme is supported by the People’s Postcode Lottery and is open to schools and early years settings in England, Scotland and Wales. The grant offers £500 of outdoor equipment from a catalogue of selected items as well as an outdoor learning training course for staff.

How do I apply for a Learning through Landscapes grant?

Visit the website for more information and to apply through the dedicated application portal. There are two rounds of funding still available in 2024, which close on 6th September and 8th November.

Fundraising ideas for schools

Taking fundraising into your own hands is a great way to get the funds you need for resources and renovations you don’t have the budget for. At Canopies UK, we know many schools that have used fundraising to partially, or fully, fund their new school canopy.

Fundraising is great as it gets students, teachers and parents together in support of a common cause – and usually there’s a lot of fun to be had to. Here are some of our ideas for raising funds this year:

  • Bake sales are a quick and easy way to raise small amounts of money at a time.
  • Non-uniform days with a small donation required.
  • Fun fancy dress days.
  • A sponsored family fun run.
  • Sports day with sponsored events and activities.
  • A sponsored swim – you could tackle a distance like the English Channel, spread over different groups.
  • A sponsored hike.
  • A fair or fete with local families and businesses involved.
  • Community crowd funding, which can be taken online to maximise support.

We’ve covered all these ideas, as well as a few more, here: Fundraising ideas for schools to fund outdoor canopies. Click through to read the entire article and start getting inspired about the easy and fun ways you can start fundraising at school.

We hope this was helpful and taught you a little bit about how to apply for funding for a school canopy. If you want to find out more about our canopies for schools, take a look at the options here or get in touch for a chat.