Skyroof: The most flexible canopy design yet

The all-new Skyroof is the latest industry-leading feature to have been added to our state-of-the-art Cantabria range.

The Skyroof is an architecturally-designed louvered system that rotates and retracts at the touch of a button. By simply ‘rotating the blades’, it’s possible to get ventilation without opening the roof; offer the al-fresco dining experience all-year round and stand out from the competition.


• Unique architecturally-designed louvered functionality
• Set the blades to open or closed (roof or sky mode)
• Rotate the blades for ventilation without opening the roof
• Roof can be fully retracted
• Easy to operate (at the touch of a button)


• Offer al-fresco dining all-year round
• Immediately respond to the weather
• Easily cater to customer demand
• Instantly give your venue the wow factor
• Use your outdoor space in all seasons
• Enjoy the sun fully beaming down on you and your customers


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