Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more about how we work or need a bit more detail about our outdoor canopies?

You’ll find the answer in the FAQs below, which are based on our most frequently-asked customer questions from over the years.

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  • We provide nurseries, schools, colleges and universities with a variety of canopy designs and options, with each one being completely bespoke. The installation time is dependent on your individual requirements.

    In general, installation can be as quick as 1 day, and typically even larger projects don’t last longer than a few days. It really does depend on the size and complexity of the installation.

    We’re also completely flexible with our installation commitments and will schedule a time that best suits you; our installation team works seven days a week, and can install during both term time and the holidays.

  • Without knowing the specific needs and requirements of your school, we cannot give you an estimate of how much a canopy would cost.

    All our canopies are completely bespoke, which is why a site-specific survey is required at the start of the process. Our surveyor will be able to discuss your preferences and take precise calculations before completing an official quote with a full price breakdown.

    Our free survey is the only way to get a specific quote for your site that will be tailored to your requirements.

  • Yes, following a survey you’ll receive a full price breakdown where you’ll see that installation is fully included in our costs.

    All our installation teams are fully trained with a wealth of expertise, and their work is fully covered under our guarantee. That’s why we never sub-contract any aspect of our process.

  • We offer an Easy Payment Plan with no upfront costs to help schools, colleges and nurseries with the cost of a brand new canopy.

    Each plan is unique to your circumstances and is subject to approval, but you can choose to pay over one to five years, to help support your budgetary requirements.

  • All of our canopies are fully tested for wind and snow loadings in our in-house test rig to ensure they can withstand the adverse British weather. They’re made from high quality Glass Reinforced Polyester, the best material we’ve found through years of research and engineering.

    Our structural engineer provides full site-specific calculations to the latest Eurocodes, and we’re extremely proud of all our building regulation accreditations that testify to the high standards we put in place for our all our products.

  • Every one of our canopies, regardless of the design or style, comes with an up to 10 year guarantee that covers all aspects of the manufacturing and the installation of it on-site.

    We want you to be as confident in the material and the construction of your canopy as we are. We’ve engineered our products to the highest quality and toughest standard to ensure they can deliver.

    Our installation teams are also made up of highly qualified experts, so you can be safe in the knowledge that their work will stand the test of time.

  • One of the biggest benefits of our canopies is that they require very little maintenance. You’ll see from our case studies that once they are installed, you can start making use of them without any worry.

    We do recommend periodic cleaning and clearing of the guttering, as you would with any part of an exterior building. Most schools just add this to their regular cleaning schedule. Other than this there is no maintenance and no painting required.

  • Yes, we can provide barrier fences to cordon off an area so that it is safe for children to remain outside during playtime whilst our workforce completes the installation.

    As you’ll see from all the accreditations we hold as a company, including our membership of Construction Line and CHAS, safety is our highest priority.

    Our expert team will provide full risk assessments and insurance details before carrying out any work, and we’ll check the area is fully secure before starting any construction.

  • You can rest assured that whoever visits your school, college or nursery, they will be fully DBS checked.

    Both our sales and installation teams undergo full DBS checks so that they can work safely and efficiently within a school environment.

  • Generally canopies don’t require extra planning permission, but it really depends on your building and location. We would always recommend checking before any external work is carried out to ensure any new construction meets planning requirements.

    Our expert team are more than happy to assist with getting planning approval, and if building regulations are needed, we’ll be on-hand to oversee the process from start to finish.

  • Our canopies are extremely popular, and we’ve installed all different types in thousands of education premises right across the country.

    You can find examples of ones local to you by entering your postcode into the location map which is on the education page.

    Please feel free to have a look through our case studies too, where you’ll find examples of different canopy styles.

  • Our standard colours are white, brown, red, blue, green and yellow, all of which look vibrant and engaging for pupils, parents and teachers.

    But don’t worry if you have a specific colour in mind or you want to match your school identity we can manufacture your canopy to a RAL colour of your choice, although there is an extra charge for this service.

    Our case studies page is a good place to start to see how a colourful canopy can transform your exterior area.

  • The Cantabria canopy has no limit to its length because it can be built in a modular way. You could cover a small, dedicated area at the rear of the property, or extend a canopy along the full length of the building – the choice is yours.

    The projection depends on whether it is fixed to a wall or a free standing system. Generally speaking the maximum projection is 10m for a wall mounted system but if it is a free standing system (away from the building) then we can span a maximum of 20m.

  • The frame structure is made from aluminium and is available in a variety of standard colours. You can also have a bespoke colour to suit your building/environment, but as this is a special request there would be an additional charge for this service.

    The roof is made from a waterproof glass fibre fabric and is retractable at the touch of a button. The roof is a 3 layered blackout PVC membrane that blocks 100% of all UV rays.

    The sides can be either glass of which there are various offerings including different opening methods or they can be manufactured from Windstore. Windstore is a fabric side panel which can retract up and down, easily controlled at the touch of a button. Windstore also comes with a crystal clear window so customers can enjoy their surroundings.

  • Generally canopies don’t require extra planning permission, but it really depends on individual buildings and locations. We can let you know if the canopy will require planning at the start of any project.

    Should this be the case, we can handle the process from start to finish, so there’s nothing for you to do or worry about! We have a partner who specialises in planning applications and can ensure the process is smooth and as quick as possible.

  • The canopy installation really does depend on the system chosen, however as a general guideline, we would typically give a timescale of between 5-10 working days.

    Our team will arrange the best installation time directly with you, and we’ll always work around your requirements to minimise any kind of disruption to your operations.

  • Based on previous projects and the work that is involved we would offer a guideline price of £1000mfor new hospitality canopy installations. This includes the system, heaters, LED lighting, installation, planning application costs, electrics (preparing all electrical wiring to the circuit board ready for hook up to the mains supply – it is the customers responsibility to hook the electric up) and any other foundation work that may be required.

    It’s important to remember that this is a very rough guideline price and should only be used as such. We’ll provide you with a full quote after discussing your requirements and assessing the area. Just request a free survey from our expert team, and we can get started straight away.

  • Yes, heating and lighting is included in the price of the system. The size of canopy will dictate the amount of heaters and lighting strips that are required.

    We will work all that out in the initial stages of our onsite appointments, so it’s not something you need to worry about. You’ll see all the details explained in our quote to you.

  • Yes absolutely, there are various types to choose from, including folding, sliding and fixed options.

    There are also a number of door options to look at, whether you’d like a framed aluminium door or just a simple glass door with no surround. During the appointment with our sales representative they will run through all the various options and help you to understand the best choice.

  • If the area where the canopy is proposed requires prior groundwork for drainage or simply needs to be made level, then we have a partner company who can handle that part of the project.

    We would contract them to do the work prior to installation and oversee it, ready for our fitting teams to start. You won’t need to worry about anything, as our expert team will take care of everything on your behalf.

  • Yes, the product is guaranteed for 5 years. We want you to be as confident in the material and the construction of your canopy as we are. We’ve engineered our products to the highest quality and toughest standard to ensure they can deliver.

    Our installation teams are also made up of highly qualified experts, so you can be safe in the knowledge that their work will stand the test of time.

  • A full and complete fixing guide will be delivered with your canopies, applicable to whichever product you choose for your new build or refurb project.

    Before they leave our site, our delivery team will ensure you have the full fixing kit at hand, with everything you need to install the canopies in no time at all.

    You can also view the technical specs and CAD drawings for any of our products, to see how they would fit with your building and refurbishment plans.

  • Every one of our canopies is manufactured in our workshop, and delivered fully assembled to your site, ready for installation.

    This allows us to ensure each canopy conforms fully to BS6399-3 and European Standard EN1991-1-3:2003. It also means that we are 100% confident in the manufacturing process, and can offer a ten year guarantee for the assembled canopies.

  • All of our canopies are designed to your specifications and manufactured to order, so the delivery time varies depending on a number of factors. Typically, we offer a fast turnaround and get your order onto the production schedule within a very short amount of time.

    Once your canopies are manufactured, our warehouse team will contact you to ensure the delivery date is appropriate. Our standard lead-time for the whole process is between four to six weeks.

  • Our canopies are all delivered fully assembled with a complete fixing guide. A standard installation for an average sized door canopy shouldn’t take longer than two hours.

    If you have limited manpower or would like the assistance of our expert installation team, we can arrange for your canopies to be installed directly by us, on your behalf.

  • Alongside our wide selection of flat, hipped and apex door canopies, we also provide a fully bespoke canopy service, to perfectly fit your new build or refurb designs.

    Our expert team can offer a complete survey, design, and manufacturing solution to match your needs; all you need to do is contact our technical department for further details.

  • We typically find that most contractors, builders and housing associations work with the same standard colours in their construction projects, but we still offer a fully bespoke service in case you require something a bit different.

  • Canopies UK offer a full delivery service right across the country. Our nationwide teams are able to deliver canopies to any location throughout the UK.

    We can deliver canopies directly to your site at a time that’s convenient for you, so you can plan your installation and any other necessary works around us.

  • Every commercial requirement is different, and costs vary depending on what exactly you need. Our canopies are available in a range of designs and sizes, with different prices to reflect this.

    The cost of a small walkway canopy would be completely different to the price for canopies covering a full car park, for example. All of our canopies are designed, manufactured and installed to your bespoke requirements, so the only way for us to give you an exact cost is to visit your site and carry out a survey of your property.

    To get a specific quote for your business, simply get in touch today and request a FREE survey.

  • As each commercial project varies in size and scope, installation time may differ depending on the requirements of your business. You may need multiple modular canopies installed over a large area, or you may simply require a single canopy fitting above an entrance area.

    Our standard entrance installations can be completed within one day. Large scale installations will of course take longer. However, upon completion of our survey we will be able to estimate the amount of time this will take.

    We’ll provide you with an installation date once your canopies have been manufactured and is ready for delivery.

  • Are there any extra costs for delivery and installation?

    All our prices include nationwide delivery and full installation at your business premises. This will be assessed when our surveyor visits you and carries out the initial measurements and planning.

    Our expert team of installers work seven days a week, so we can be fully flexible with your business to ensure an appropriate time is arranged for installation, avoiding any unnecessary disruption.

  • At Canopies UK, we’re able to cater for all budgets, big and small. Many commercial canopy projects are often of a large scale, and require a lot of materials to cover the required space.

    Our Easy Payment Plan is available to businesses in a variety of commercial sectors to help spread the costs of new canopies and pay in installments. It is fully flexible based on your needs and circumstances (subject to credit approval).

  • We design, manufacture and install all of our canopies – whichever style you choose – and don’t outsource a single aspect of the process.

    This means we’re able to offer a full 10-year guarantee on every one of our canopies, covering both the manufacture and the installation.

    We’ve tested, engineered and refined our products over a number of years, and we’ve trained our installation teams to the highest standards. We offer this complete guarantee so you can be as confident in our materials and processes as we are.

  • We’ve spent over 25 years developing and testing our canopies, finding the very best, high-quality material that’s able to withstand the strong winds and snow that are typical features of the adverse British weather.

    Each canopy has been completely tested in our special in-house rig to ensure it can provide full protection when you need it most. That’s why we use Glass Reinforced Polyester to manufacture our canopies, because of its strength and reliability.

    Our list of accreditations also shows you how serious we take building regulations and safety, so you can rest assured that your canopies will be designed, manufactured and installed with the latest Eurocodes and highest standards at the forefront of our process.

  • Regardless of which canopy design and style you choose, the maintenance required will be extremely minimal. This is a huge benefit to our commercial customers, as you’ll see from our case studies.

    Once your canopies are installed, you won’t need to paint them or worry about regular maintenance. We just recommend that they are cleaned periodically to ensure they look their best, and that you clear the gutters every so often to keep the drainage flowing effectively.

  • Our installation teams work seven days a week throughout the year, so we can be as flexible as you need us to be with regards to an installation date.

    We use barrier fencing to section off the installation area and protect children from straying into the construction site. This ensures it’s still safe for children to play outdoors, even during installation.

    Full risk assessments can be provided ahead of time, and our teams are fully trained in safety standards to ensure the area is secure before they begin work. Our accreditations reflect the seriousness we place on safety.

  • Canopies UK works with a number of schools, colleges and nurseries all around the country, so we make sure all our sales, survey and installation teams have full, up-to-date DBS checks.

    You can rest assured that you’ll be compliant with any internal regulations and you won’t need to worry about our team working safely on the premises, whether there are children around or not.

  • In most circumstances, canopy installations do not require any additional planning permission, but it’s always best just to make sure. Some locations do need to get approval for any type of external construction.

    Usually this isn’t a difficult process, and our team of experts is always on hand to help with obtaining planning permission if required. We can even provide building regulations if they’re needed, to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

  • Of course, we love to show off the commercial canopies we have installed recently. We deliver and install nationwide, so the chances are there will be some great examples of a variety of canopy types local to you. For details on installations close by please call 01254 777 002.

    Alternatively, we have a number of case studies you can take a look at on our website, with many different canopy styles and sizes to browse through.

  • You can choose whatever colour you like! All our commercial canopies can be designed and manufactured to your bespoke requirements.

    We offer our canopies in the standard colours of white, brown, red, blue, green and yellow. But if you have a business identity you’d like to match or a specific colour in mind, all we need is the relevant RAL colour code. There is an additional charge for bespoke colours.