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All our products are manufactured and installed to the highest standards by skilled people. That’s why we offer a manufacturing and installation guarantee on all our products.

Certified Guarantee

Guaranteed Quality

Customers are ensured peace of mind when buying a canopy from us. For over 25 years our manufacturing process has been at the forefront of the industry, providing the highest quality and most durable products available.

We have a rich heritage of manufacturing and installing canopies for homeowners, schools, commercial businesses and hospitality establishments, and aspire to build both reliable and resilient systems that will last the test of time.

This attention to detail and calibre of craftsmanship is why we are proud to offer guarantees on all products. We have a variety of canopy systems for various applications all of them with specific guarantees.

Our Connekt, Door and Olympus canopies have a product guarantee of Ten years.

Our Cantabria* and Italia canopies have a product guarantee of Five years

All our canopy systems have a Ten-year installation and labour guarantee.

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*Electronic components including remotes and plastic components are guaranteed for 2 years.

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