Loading Bay Canopies

Protecting your goods is important, and with vehicles loading and unloading stock and deliveries multiple times every day, things can easily become damaged during periods of bad weather.

That’s where our loading bay canopy systems come in. They are used far and wide by organisations across multiple sectors, including factory and warehousing and healthcare.

Keeping goods dry and protected, they can even double up as extra storage space or be used as staff smoking areas too.

Benefits of loading bay canopies

Our loading bay canopy systems, such as the Connekt loading bay canopy, enable businesses to go about their daily operations without being hampered by the weather, which can often result in weather-related financial losses.

What’s more, they also keep staff protected from the elements, while our post-free loading bays offer protection with minimum obstruction.

Delivered using our bespoke design, manufacturing and installation service and based on our industry-leading site-specific calculations, our loading bay canopies are engineered for purpose and designed to last.


Our loading bay canopies are used by a wide range of organisations to protect their stock, as well as provide valuable storage space and sheltered smoking zones. Here’s some of them in-situ.

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Protecting staff from the weather as they do their work, helping make loading and unloading more straightforward, preventing deliveries from getting damaged by the weather, and creating a dedicated loading bay zone.

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Factory & Warehousing

Enabling loading and unloading to take place without being hampered by the weather, keeping loads and staff dry in the rain and shielded from the wind, providing valuable storage space,  or sheltered smoking, meeting or waiting zones.

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Available Systems:

covered walkways


Our Connekt canopy system Is a modular system and can be any length – you can even add to it in the future. It is highly versatile and hugely popular, with no limit to how it projects. It is suitable for all outdoor areas, and the cantilevered option is 100% self-supporting.

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