Everything you need to know about GRP door canopies

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As the UK’s leading provider of canopies, we have supplied over 100,000 GRP door canopies for housing associations, contractors, housebuilders and councils across the UK. Here’s everything you need to know about our door canopies.

What is the purpose of a door canopy?

A front door gives visitors to a home that ever-important first impression, and the right door canopy helps ensure it’s a good one. A door canopy can make a huge difference to a property in terms of both form and function. It offers the homeowner protection from the elements when entering or exiting the property, shielding them from rain, sun or high winds. And, the right door canopy looks good too, framing the front door and making the property look finished.

What are GRP door canopies made from?

Our door canopies are made from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic – also known as fibreglass), a material known for its durability, and come in a range of different styles and colours. There are a number of great benefits to GRP:

  • It has a high tensile strength that’s equivalent to steel while being much more lightweight
  • It’s maintenance-free, resilient and non-corrosive
  • It is cost-effective and long-lasting

Are GRP door canopies manufactured in the UK?

Yes, our GRP door canopies are designed and manufactured at our factory using the highest quality products and materials. There is no assembly required by you on-site – our canopies arrive fully assembled and ready to install to help speed up your operations.

How long do GRP door canopies take to install?

The door canopies within our core range can often be delivered to your site within 48-hours. They are delivered to your site fully assembled and ready for installation, with a complete fixing guide. Installation for an average door canopy shouldn’t take longer than two hours. If needed, we can arrange for your door canopies to be installed directly by us.

Do GRP door canopies come with a warranty?

All of our canopies are built to withstand the test of time. They require no maintenance or painting and come with a ten-year guarantee as standard for full peace of mind.

What are the options?

From traditional to contemporary, our range of door canopies has something to suit every home. The range includes:

Hipped door canopies – highly practical with a hip roof, they provide optimum protection from the elements, particularly the rain. Our Clarendon door canopy has a tile-effect design and directs water away from doorways.

Lean-to door canopies – classic in design, they offer ample shelter for front porches. The range includes the Windsor, a small and stylish option, and the Rochester, a larger canopy which provides much-needed shelter from the weather.

Flat door canopies – suited particularly well to traditional properties, they add style and sophistication as well as all-important shelter. Our flat roof canopy systems include the Royale and the Mayfield, both contemporary options, as well as the Grove, which has a moulded drip feature that’s ideal for more traditional properties.

Apex door canopies – with a traditional and elegant design, our apex door canopies are both functional and stylish. The range includes the Princess – one of our best-selling canopies, the Winchester and the Dorchester.

GRP door canopies in action

At Canopies UK, we’ve been helping homebuilders across the country transform their houses with GRP door canopies for 30 years. Our product range offers something to suit every project, and can even be colour matched to the property’s fixtures.

Find out more about how our door canopies have helped complete housing developments. This blog includes a quality, bespoke canopy at an affordable price for Watson Homes for Viva Housing Association, and canopies to suit the sleek, contemporary facades of Rectory Gardens Housing.

Do you have any questions about our GRP door canopies? If you’re a homebuilder who wants to talk about how we can help with your next project, get it touch for a chat.