Restaurant Canopy Fit For Purpose

How to guarantee your outdoor canopy is fit for purpose?

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If you’re thinking about investing in an outdoor canopy, there’s one thing above all things it needs to be – and that’s fit for purpose.

You may be planning to install an entrance canopy or create a covered play area or sheltered al-fresco dining spot, but if your canopy hasn’t been purpose-built for your environment, then you could wind up coming unstuck.


What do we mean by ‘fit for purpose’?

Whether you’re a nursery, school or college, hotel, restaurant or bar owner, fit for purpose involves making sure your outdoor canopy is designed, manufactured and installed to fully meet your requirements. Settling for anything less, could result in:

  1. You not getting the best return on your canopy investment.
  2. Your canopy not standing the test of time.


Unfortunately, not all outdoor canopies are engineered for purpose. Yes, they may look the part and meet certain standards and initially perform well, but in most instances, they aren’t fit for purpose

And it’s this exact reason why you should do your research before partnering with an outdoor canopy provider, so that you can avoid being caught out by any issues or having to carry out on-going maintenance to your canopy, the external wall or surrounding area.


One guaranteed way to make sure your outdoor canopy is going to be fit for purpose is by applying site-specific calculations

The term ‘site-specific calculations’ describes a number of technical measurements that are carried out on site, before the design of a canopy can be finalised. These calculations should be carried out before a quote’s given, so that there are no nasty surprises during the installation phase or further down the line.

These technical investigations cover factors, including:

  • Wind speed
  • Annual snowfall
  • The quality and structure of the wall that will support the canopy
  • The terrain in which the foundations will sit
  • Drains and below ground drainage that might be in the way
  • Trees and tree roots that are close by
  • The height of the canopy

If you’re going to invest in a cantilevered, wall hung canopy, then site-specific calculations will help determine whether the wall you’ve identified is strong enough to take the weight of your canopy system.

With specific tests designed to mimic the weight of a canopy, a trained surveyor can establish whether additional foundation supports will be required in order to safeguard the canopy, the building and its users. Other factors that should be taken into account are the material, age and position of the wall, as well as type, weight and load-bearing capacity of the canopy you’re opting for.

Understanding the importance of site-specific calculations is the first step in making sure the canopy you purchase will deliver on safety, performance and longevity – all key ingredients when investing in any building extension and making sure your canopy is fit for purpose.


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