Why we offer a ten-year guarantee and what it means for our customers

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Lots of great things can take place in ten years – it’s believed ‘genius of geniuses’, Mozart, worked for a decade before producing something that became popular.

It took ten years to complete the Colosseum in Rome…

…and it’s widely reported that it takes successful people ten years to succeed at what they’re doing.

Ten years is a pivotal timeframe. It’s also how long the product, labour and installation guarantees last for most of our outdoor canopies.*



As the UK’s leading designer, manufacturer and installer of canopies, we make sure our products are delivered to the highest standard and built to withstand the test of time

We’re exceptionally proud of our outdoor canopy systems and are uniquely positioned to offer such extensive guarantees, that cover the manufacturing and installation work that’s carried out by our highly-experienced installation team, as well as our products.

We continuously refine our canopies with the highest quality materials and put them through the most rigorous standard checks to make sure they’re built to last. It’s something that we’ve done for the last 25 years.

This enables us to make sure our work is in line with the very latest building regulations and industry requirements. We also keep a close eye on making sure our processes and procedures are backed up by the relevant accreditations too. (You’ll find more details about our current list of accreditations and what they all mean here).

It’s this attention to detail and calibre of craftsmanship that enables us to provide our customers with such an extensive product, labour and installation guarantee. Such is our attention to detail, the occasions when we’ve been called back have been few and far between. But regardless of whether or not you do need to call on us, you’ve got ten years’ peace of mind that you can count on us to help with any product, labour or installation issues, should they ever crop up.

We’re constantly working hard behind-the-scenes to make sure our outdoor canopy solutions are as exceptional as they possibly can be – and this involves continuing to push the design and build boundaries, set new standards, lead the field and meet our customers’ requirements.

A lot can happen in ten years. Things come, things go and changes can happen. But with our guarantees, you can be sure that your canopy stays as it should.

For more information about any of our guarantees or to discuss your outdoor canopy requirements with us, contact us on 01254 777 002 or karen@canopiesuk.co.uk.


* We offer a ten-year product guarantee for our popular Connekt, Italia, Olympus and door canopies and a five-year product guarantee for our Cantabria.