Three common problems that restaurants and hotels can prevent with an outdoor canopy

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Three common problems you can prevent with an outdoor canopy

With the nights drawing in and the clocks changing at the end of this month (October), there’s no getting away from the fact that summer’s been and gone for another year.

Like many sectors, the change in the seasons, particularly from summer to autumn/winter, can have a significant impact on businesses, especially those who get busier as the weather improves, such as the hospitality industry.

Unfortunately, it’s a challenge there’s no getting away from. However, it’s a challenge that can be easily overcome. Read on for details of three common problems that can be tackled with an outdoor canopy.

Problem 1: ‘Not being able to use your outdoor space in the winter.’

Just think about how packed pub and restaurant gardens get as soon as the sun’s shining and how empty they become as soon as the mercury starts to plummet. It’s a common problem that impacts the entire industry, whether you’re a hotel, restaurant, pub or B&B owner.

But it’s a problem that can actually be easily solved with an outdoor canopy. No, outdoor canopies, don’t guarantee that the great British weather will be ‘great’ all year round, but they can provide you with a guaranteed way to provide your customers with outdoor dining, whatever the weather.

It’s one reason why one of our customers, The Garrack Hotel in Cornwall, decided to invest in an outdoor canopy. They were looking for a way to be able to keep hold of their customers even when the weather turns wet and cold. They have spectacular sea views from their grounds, but found that people wouldn’t stay outside when the weather is inclement. Installing our Cantabria canopy has helped them overcome this problem, as well as make the most of their outdoor space. (For the full details, check out our case study).

Problem 2: ‘Having limited outdoor space.’

Whether you choose from fixed, folding or sliding doors or a colour palette that matches your existing décor and design, an outdoor canopy can also help you overcome another common industry challenge – lack of space.

We’ve seen it many a time, particularly with roof top bars and city pubs, where space is extremely tight, leaving little room for managers to be able to increase their profits because there’s simply nowhere to expand.

The beauty of an outdoor canopy is that it can be tailored to meet your requirements, which means even the smallest of patio areas or gardens can be transformed into a trendy hotspot that’s fit for purpose. Yes, a marquee, umbrella, gazebo or pergola, may enable you to make more of your outdoor space in the finer weather, but they won’t be able to keep your customers warm, dry or fully protected from the elements as soon as the weather changes.

Problem 3: ‘Seeing your sales dip in the winter months.’

Not being able to use your outdoor space in the winter and not having enough space aren’t the only two problems an outdoor canopy can help you with. Installing an outdoor canopy can actually help you overcome that age-old quandary of how to maximise your sales, irrespective of what the weather’s doing.

So, while you may be used to seeing your sales rise during the summer months when people are more inclined to get out and about (even more so if the weather is nice), then drop off as soon as the weather starts to change, installing an outdoor canopy can make all the difference. Why? Because you’re still able to use your outdoor space in the winter which, if you were to install one of our new Cantabria canopies, means you could create up more room for customers.

Furthermore, outdoor canopies are multi use venues, which means you don’t have to limit yourself to just using them to create additional dining space, they’re also ideal for private parties and functions too.

So there you have it. Just three common problems that can be solved within the hospitality sector with an outdoor canopy. Got any questions or want to discuss your canopy requirements with us? Call us on 01254 777002 or email us at