The Cantabria: One canopy, so many different uses

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Think outdoor canopies are used to just create extra wining and dining space?

Think again…

Outdoor canopies are versatile restaurant outdoor structures that can be used to provide much-needed seating bar and dining space.

In fact, restaurant, bar and hotel owners who install our hugely-popular Cantabria canopy, can seat up to 184 additional covers.

And while outdoor canopies may be proving to be the space-generating saviour for the hospitality world, they’re also taking on a whole new life of their own.

For instance, the DoubleTree Hilton Tower of London’s brand new rooftop, Wildside @Savage Garden, stands 12-storeys high and features a Cantabria that’s equipped with six retractable roofs. Impressive hey?!

The hotel’s really making the most of this unique space and has already used it for all sorts of different occasions, in addition to everyday entertaining space that offers breath-taking, panoramic views over London.

covered walkways

For instance, it was recently used to host mental health talks and has currently been transformed into this, London’s very own Narnia winter wonderland:

Guests can step into theenchanted’ lift and stroll through the wonderful White Forest filled with silver birch and willow trees. You can even spot that lamp post in the middle of the bar. Truly magical…

Narnia aside, many of our other hospitality customers are also viewing our canopies as much more than just restaurant outdoor structures.

Back in September, the Southampton Harbour Hotel (Ocean Village) showcased an incredibly exclusive event under their Cantabria, the showcasing of the Baselworld 2018 Rolex watch collection:

Meanwhile over at The Greyhound in Derby, they transformed their Cantabria into a sporting zone where World Cup fans cheered on Gareth Southgate’s England team and watched every penalty, strike and goal altogether in one place…..

Party space, events space, corporate space, even magical winter wonderland space – you name it, The Cantabria can be used for it.

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