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The school canopies ideal for covered seating areas

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The playground is where kids blow off steam, socialise, play, and have fun. Its also a place for learning and outdoor lessons. In both primary and secondary schools, kids spend some of their happiest and most formative times in the playground.

School grounds are useful for school staff, parents, and visitors too. Outdoor meetings, parents’ evenings, fairs, and other social gatherings can all be hosted outside given the right weather conditions, or where shelter is provided.

In our work with schools, we see first-hand the inventive ways schools use their outdoor areas at all times of year. Covered seating areas come with a whole host of purposes, and we are often asked to create something bespoke for a school for a unique reason.

Covered seating for schools

Ideas and options:

  • Covered seating areas
  • Outdoor dining cover
  • Picnic areas
  • Breakout spaces
  • Covered social spaces

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Covered bench seating

Bench seating and fixed seating units are practical and affordable additions to playgrounds. You can use them for lunchtime, lessons, and socialising, providing a go to spot for any outdoor activities. Back-to-back canopies make the ideal shelter for bench seating as they can be placed away from buildings and with guttering for sufficient protection from the elements.

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Breakout spaces

Lessons and teaching methods vary from school to class, and many secondary schools encourage independent study sessions. Having covered breakout spaces in the playground is a great way to accommodate this and encourage kids to study. These areas come in useful for holding staff and parent meetings, particularly post-pandemic when meeting outdoors is recommended.

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Outdoor dining shelters

Creating areas for kids to sit and eat their lunch takes the pressure off indoor dining halls. Lunchtime is when many schools feel overcrowding most keenly, with many kids having to stand and eat their lunch outdoors or in corridors. Outdoor dining shelters in the form of freestanding back-to-back canopies are convenient and can be built in the size required to comfortably accommodate kids.

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Covered social spaces

Connecting with parents and the local community is an important part of school life. It’s also important that kids have safe spaces to congregate and socialise around school hours. Covered social areas provide that bit of added shelter that makes these spots more appealing.

Picnic areas

Many kids enjoy sitting on the grass to eat lunch outside during the warmer months. Some schools hold picnics with early years groups and for social gatherings. If picnicking and eating outdoors is part of the culture of your school, a canopy provides much needed shade and UV protection from the sun, and rain cover for unexpected showers!

What ideas does your school have?

There are so many creative and practical ways to enhance your playground. Seating, plants, veg patches, dining space and games areas are all popular additions. Whatever you use your playground for, providing shelter helps you get the most from it. Our Connekt canopy system is the versatile and affordable way to build multipurpose sheltered areas into your school grounds.

We hope you’ve found these ideas for outdoor shelter useful. Find out more about outdoor classrooms or contact us on 01254 777 002 or info@canopiesuk.co.uk.