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3 ways a loading canopy improves factory and warehouse operations

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3 reasons a loading canopy is a worthwhile investment

Loading canopies provide a robust and practical entrance bay. Designed around the exact dimensions of your loading area, freestanding or wall-mounted, factory and warehouse canopies protect against wind, rain, ice, snow, and the sun’s UV rays.

Covered entranceways and loading bays make things easier for those involved in the loading and dispatch of goods, as well as deliveries. Larger structures can double up as staff meeting points and valuable storage space too.

Is your factory or warehouse considering a loading canopy? Here are 3 reasons why it’s a worthwhile idea:

1. Reduce the cost of damage goods

Rain, wind, ice and even hot sun can cause problems during loading and unloading, including damaged, dropped or weather-marked stock. Loading canopies provide safe shelter and complete coverage of the area from the back of lorries and vans, to inside the loading area. Protecting goods in this way means no revenue is going to be lost to accidental damage.

2. Prevent accidents during loading

Wet and slippery conditions around vehicles and heavy loads pose health and safety issues. Installing a loading canopy is one way to set your loading area up for safety. Where forklifts or pallet trucks are in operation, it’s especially important to keep the area dry and visibility clear.

Protecting staff and equipment from the elements during loading and unloading reduces the risk of accidents happening and makes the task less unpleasant for those involved.

3. Save time with a tidy loading bay

Covering your entrance or loading bay with a loading canopy keeps is clear, dry and free from water and mud. The cleaner your loading area, the more straightforward operations are. Having a smart and sheltered loading area ensures a professional finish and promotes efficient and tidy operations.

Loading canopy installation – contact free

Get the loading canopy system your business needs, with zero contact.

Here’s how we’re making installations safe and contact FREE:

  1. Ringing ahead to check that everyone on site is healthy
  2. Phoning from outside your premises, avoiding speaking face-to-face
  3. Remaining outdoors with a distance of 2 metres from others
  4. Cleaning the installation site thoroughly before leaving
Get the canopy, shelter or loading bay your business needs during these quieter months

Many businesses have limited staff on site currently and lighter operations. This is a good opportunity to plan site maintenance you might not have had the time for previously. Take a look a some of our factory and warehousing case studies here.

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