Fundraising ideas for schools to fund outdoor canopies

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Fundraising ideas for schools

Fundraising is a lifeline for schools in need of supplies, resources, or renovations they don’t have the budget for. We’ve worked with schools who have raised the money to pay for part or all their canopy by fundraising.

Getting kids, parents, staff, and the community together is a positive experience, and you might be surprised at how much you can raise.

How to get started with fundraising in school

Make sure everyone involved knows what the cause is and where the money is going. Set a fundraising target and start thinking of some ideas to raise the money. You may need a few events to reach your goal. Here are some fundraising ideas for schools to get you going:


1. Bake sales

A classic that everyone enjoys, bake sales are a quick and easy way to raise small amounts. You could run a competition or raffle at the same time.

2. Non-uniform days

Get kids to come to school in their own clothes and ask everyone to make a small donation. These work great at the end of term.


3. Fancy dress

Pick a theme and hold a fancy dress day. Everyone gives a small donation and you could run prizes for best dressed and other categories.

4. Fun run

Family fun runs are a great way of getting parents, carers, staff, and family and friends involved. Choose a route that’s accessible to different age groups and levels of fitness.

5. Sports day

Kids love a sports day. Use yours to fundraise by inviting family and friends and asking them to sponsor events and activities. You could even ask local businesses to get involved.


6. Sponsored swim

Tackle a distance – such as the English Channel – and swim the total distance spread over different staggered groups. Kids and the school can collect sponsor money.

7.  Sponsored hike

If you’re lucky enough to have some lovely countryside on your door step, get outdoors and complete a sponsored hike.

8. Fair or fete

Seasonal fairs or fetes are a great way to get local families and businesses involved. See what stalls people can run and get everyone behind your fundraising goal.

9. Community crowd funding

Online crowd funding is a great way to get local people and others further afield behind your cause. Once the story travels, you get more support.


10. Approaching local businesses

Local businesses are often looking for worthy causes to support. Reach out and you might find a business partner willing to help.

11. Donations from alumni

You could reach out to any previous alumni who may be in touch with the school and ask them to get involved or donate.

12. Musical performance

Put on a musical performance or gig and invite family and friends of the school. Charge a ticket fee and serve refreshments.

13. Football tournament

Invite parent and teachers to a football tournament.  You could ask for donations or charge a ticket price to watch.

14. Litter picking

Carry out a sponsored litter picking in your local area. It’s a worthy cause and a way to raise some easy funds.

15. Talent show

Encourage all age groups – and the teachers – to sign up to a talent show. Charge tickets prices and get it sponsored by local businesses and people. You could sell clips of the performances to parents.

We hope you’ve found this article useful. These ideas are just the starting point and there are so many creative ways to raise money for school improvements. You can find out more about outdoor dining canopies here. Contact us on 01254 777 002 or