Outdoor Dining Canopy Overlooking Fields

Cantabria canopy maximises cover numbers and provides added value to restaurants

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The launch of Canopies UK’s newest, state-of-the-art system helps restaurants, cafes and pubs capitalise on their outdoor space all year round, maximising the profitability of any establishment whatever the weather.

The Cantabria has been specifically designed for the hospitality industry, and has already proved a huge benefit to those early adopters who are using the canopy to its full potential. The system comes with built-in heaters, LED lighting and can be remote operated; you can even control it through a smart device.

Providing customers with a unique and luxurious dining experience, the canopy allows restaurant owners to use their outdoor terraces 365 days a year for both regular service and private functions.

The automated retractable roof and wall sides, as well as the innovative waterproof, sun proof and translucent screen make the Cantabria perfect whatever the weather, protecting customers as well as the property come rain or shine.

For Alec Smith, owner of Alec’s Restaurant in Brentwood, Essex, the installation of the Cantabria has provided additional accessibility benefit too:

“In addition to wind, rain and sun protection to the terraced area, the beautiful Cantabria Canopy enables us to offer disabled access into the restaurant. And not only do we get full use of our terrace area no matter the weather, we can also leave the patio doors open simply to let fresh air into the restaurant.”

Outdoor Dining Canopy Overlooking Fields

The sleek and durable design has many benefits, but its primary advantage is to allow businesses to generate additional weekly revenue, with an 8m x 6m model allowing space for 32 extra customers per sitting. This number can be incrementally increased with the addition of more modular units, meaning there is a system to suit even the largest establishment’s needs.

Rob Cassidy, Marketing Manager at Canopies UK stated:

“The Cantabria is one of the most advanced and sophisticated canopies on the market. Owners can rest assured that this addition will set them apart from the competition financially and aesthetically, making them the talk of the town.”

restaurant canopiesAlec’s Restaurant has been making full use of their outdoor terrace already, as the Cantabria canopy has allowed them to take advantage of high diner numbers with an expanded outdoor cover service.

“We decided to install a Cantabria canopy because of its very attractive design and unbelievable flexibility; the restaurant is always busy through summer and it’s created a lot of interest and lots of positive comments, says Alec.



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