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Before any of our canopies can be supplied and installed, whether it be for a domestic or commercial location they have to go through a series of tests. It is important that we understand the durability and strength of our canopies so that we can offer peace of mind to the customer, by giving them the knowledge that our products meet all the necessary standards required.

Our purpose built manufacturing plant in Darwen, Lancashire has a dedicated testing area which is integral to the production and development of our canopies. This allows us to provide calculations to confirm the integrity of our product no matter where you are in the country.Having our own in-house structural engineer enables us to put our canopies through a series of stringent tests. We test for upward and downward loads which simulate wind and snow respectively. The data is then analysed by our structural engineer before the canopy manufacture can be approved. If there are any findings and recommendations these are then passed to the technical department for further investigation. The testing allows us to make sure that all our canopies conform to BS6399-3 and European Standard EN1991-1-3:2003.

Whilst durability and strength is important it is also important for our canopies to protect against the suns harmful UV rays. The roofing panels which are translucent and allow approximately 85% of the light through are coated with a Melinex Gel, which is applied to the top side of the panels, thus preventing the fading of furnishings and protection from the sun

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