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Pupil Premium increased for 2013!


With the start of a New Year comes the start of new school budgets. 2013 has brought a large increase for the education sector with budgets up by 6% on 2012 to a total spend of £97.2 billion.

The recently introduced Pupil Premium which is the programme to help provide additional support and funding for schools looking to narrow the attainment gap, has been increased to £900 per pupil. In 2012 it was £600 and in 2011 it was £488. In many cases the Pupil Premium fund is handed directly to schools and is allocated for every student who has received free school meals, the school receives the funding and then decides how best to use the money, in whatever area would best improve the school.

School budgets have been increased to continue helping schools improve their technology, equipment, stationary, sports facilities or improvements to school buildings and premises.

It has also recently been reported that children in the UK are spending 2.5hrs a week less on outdoor activities and play, due to the poor UK weather. Well known is the fact that fresh air reduces stress levels and aids in concentration, so a canopy would be a great investment in 2013, as the weather will no doubt continue to be poor.

A canopy on your school building will help to increase the usability of your outdoor space and offer protection so that pupils and staff can stay dry when the weather turns inclement. Why not make the most of the Pupil Premium allowance and invest in an outdoor canopy.


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