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Protect your home and property from wet and windy winter weather

Winter weather can cause significant damage to your home and garden. Find out how our range of canopies can protect your property from the elements.

As much as we all dream of a white Christmas, the reality is that the harsh winter weather is a nightmare for our properties.

Eight in ten UK households have suffered some sort of property damage in winter, with many of these issues caused by the weather, according to AA research. The most commonly cited incident was fences blowing down, which affected 41 percent of respondents at an average cost of almost £200, while almost a tenth of householders suffered some form of damage to garden furniture.

Given the scale and potential cost of these problems, it’s hardly surprising that so many homeowners are concerned about the effects of a cold, wet and windy winter on their properties. But while there’s nothing you can do about the UK weather, there are some preventative steps you can take to better protect your property from the elements.

One such measure is the installation of an all-weather outside home canopy. Here at Canopies UK, we offer a number of stylish home and garden canopies that provide protection from harsh weather without spoiling your property’s aesthetic. What’s more, our translucent roofing panels let through plenty of light while also filtering 90 percent of harmful UV rays, helping you to make the most of the conditions when the sun finally comes out!

Here, we take a look at the different weatherproof canopies available from Canopies UK and explain why they’re the perfect solution for safeguarding your property against the weather.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 13.45.55Patio canopies

As the AA’s research highlights, garden furniture is at significant risk of damage from winter weather. Strong winds could knock over outdoor chairs, tables and other freestanding equipment, while prolonged exposure to freezing rain or hail can
spoil their look.

A patio canopy can go some way towards protecting your garden furniture by shielding it from the worst of the weather. It also provides protection from the sun, as we coat each of our systems with Melinex gel – a highly effective way to prevent your furniture fading from exposure to sunlight.

One of the key features of our canopies is their self-supporting structure, which means there is no need for obstructive posts – leaving you free to enjoy the full extent of your patio and garden area.

DSCF0013 copy 2Carports

Unless you own a collection of highly valuable garden ornaments, the most expensive possession kept outside your house is almost certain to be your car, so it makes sense to keep it protected from the elements.

Parking your car in the garage is an obvious solution, but not everyone has that luxury – they may use the garage for storage, or have more than one vehicle and insufficient space to park both.

Weather covers for cars, such as our range of carports, will protect your vehicle from the worst of the winter weather and allow you to make the most of your property’s space.

The design of our carports allows air to circulate around your vehicle, which means moisture will dry rather than clinging on to it. What’s more, all of our canopies are post-free, so there’s no risk of you bumping into them when parking.

Princess Door Canopy 2Front door and porch canopies

Whether you’re returning home after a long day at the office or greeting guests, you want a warm welcome at the front door – especially when the winter weather is at its worst.

A front door and porch canopy is the ideal solution. Not only are they available in a range of elegant styles to suit every house, they provide effective protection against the elements for you, your guests, and your door, porch and windows.

Our door canopies for homes are crafted from materials that are both highly durable and malleable, making for a stress-free installation whatever the size and shape of your property.

Home & Garden Walkway Canopies 9Walkway canopies

While you may not use the path running down the side of your house for storage, a weatherproof walkway canopy can still make a big difference in winter. At best, rain, hail, sleet and snow can make mundane tasks like taking the bins out even less pleasant, while at worst they can make your path slippery and potentially dangerous.

Our walkway canopies provide shelter whenever you need to walk around the outside of your property, while our unique cantilevered design – using Canopies UK’s patented beam profile for increased strength – ensures the structure is weatherproof and built to last without limiting access or movement.

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