Wall-mounted dining canopies

Wall-mounted outdoor canopies are increasingly being used sector-wide to create much-needed additional dining facilities without taking up too much free space.

Safely secured to surrounding walls, these canopies are hugely popular with restaurants, hotels and bars, as well as nurseries, schools and colleges, and hospitals.

Having no supporting pillars or posts makes wall-mounted outdoor canopies a hugely popular choice, creating fewer obstructions and providing maximum free space beneath them.

Not only are they delivered using our bespoke design, manufacturing and installation service, all of our wall-mounted dining canopies are based on our industry-leading site-specific calculations. They enable us to assess, among many things, if the surrounding wall is structurally sound, as well as guarantee that your canopy is engineered for purpose and built to last.

And while our wall-mounted outdoor canopies may be used to create extra dining space, they’re frequently used for a multitude of other purposes, including sheltered storage, waiting and learning/play areas too.


Wall-mounted outdoor canopies are a hugely popular sector-wide solution for creating much-needed dining space. These examples show just some of the ways they’re being put to good use.

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Giving venues the wow factor while enabling guests to dine al fresco come wind, rain or shine. Maximising your outdoor space all-year round and generating additional covers.

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Contract Catering

Serving more people and getting maximum use from your outdoor space. Catering for increasing classroom sizes and doubling up as study or learning space.

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Creating much-needed additional dining space and catering for increasing classroom sizes. Making a good first impression with parents and visitors and doubling up as study or learning space.

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Available Systems:

covered walkways and canopies


Our Cantabria canopy allows venues to seat more customers comfortably all-year round. Featuring a retractable roof that can be opened and closed at the touch of a button, it is available in any length and incorporates glass sides, LED lighting and heating.

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covered walkways


Our Connekt canopy system is a modular system and can be any length – you can even add to it in the future. It is highly versatile and is used singularly or in multiples to cover large areas. It projects up to 4m when fixed to a building and the cantilevered design means no supporting posts are needed.

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