Canopies UK National Press Advertising

Canopies UK advertising plan for 2013


Generating enquiries for our domestic sales team is extremely important. Enquiries lead to appointments and appointments then lead to sales. In a struggling economic climate businesses have to be adaptable; one particular question that is always being asked at Canopies UK is “how to attract new customers and what media vehicle to use?” – said Robert Cassidy Marketing Manager

At the end of 2012 Canopies UK decided to embark on a national TV campaign, which since returning after the festive period has proven to be a real success.

“In the past we have relied on advertising in daily newspapers and certain targeted magazines. However, we felt TV would give us the kick start we required as we went into 2013. Not only has TV kept the domestic side of the business extremely busy, but it has had a positive affect on the commercial side too, with plenty of commercial enquiries for canopies coming into the business”.

Being on TV allows the company to build its brand and make its customers aware of the products they offer, not just by a visual route but with an audio impact too.

“Since the TV campaign we have not advertised in national press and this weekend will be our 1st blast across various newspapers for 2013. A schedule has been put together for the 1st quarter of 2013, with a solid spread of titles that are specific to our target audience. We hope the adverts will be successful in driving enquiries and that having been on TV people will recognise the brand.

“The true effect of TV cannot be measured exactly but we feel it has been great for brand exposure and gives us a good footing as we start 2013”.

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