Canopies UK advertisement shoot behind the scenes shot.

Canopies UK on TV!


Canopies UK have today launched a major advertising campaign on national TV. Whilst this is not the first time Canopies UK have been on TV, this will be the first foray for over 5 years. The company has invested considerably in this project to ensure a good start to 2013. “There is no better way to show your product than with audio and visual backing, it really is the best form of advertising, especially for a product like ours”, said Robert Cassidy – Marketing Manager for Canopies UK.

The project started back in October and lasted all the way up to finishing for Christmas. There were 3 main components to the campaign:

Script Writing

McMedia and Link communication were selected partners to work on several ideas for scripts. With storyboards to back up the scripts we finally cut it down to 3, eventually deciding on the script with the” Yes you can” strapline.  A script that is informative and catchy at the same time, something that is paramount for DRTV.


Butchers Hook was the chosen agency to produce the advert in line with the chosen script. After 2 hard days on location in extremely cold and wet conditions, the footage and style of the film is very professional. Putting the film together in the editing suite with the music and voice over was the final part and now all who were involved are very pleased with the outcome.

Buying the space

Whilst producing scripts and filming the advert was great, there was also the small matter of buying the TV space. With a budget to work to and a timescale of how many weeks we wanted to be on TV, Ad Connection was the chosen media partner. They have worked tirelessly to get the best deals, the right stations and the most pertinent programmes. Over the 3 week campaign our ad will be airing over 400 times to well over 17m viewers.

“With all the resources and effort that have come from everyone, I know the ad will be a real success. The start of 2013 will be a buoyant time for enquiries on the back of this campaign”, said Robert Cassidy.

Click the link below to watch our advert campaign!

Canopies UK Advertisement!

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