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Top 5 reasons why schools invest in outdoor canopies

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Schools are increasingly becoming switched on to the benefits outdoor canopies can bring, not just to their students, but their staff too.

Over the years, we’ve installed literally thousands of outdoor canopies in all different shapes, colours and sizes at schools up-and-down the country.

In fact, at last count, we’d installed 5,000+ canopies and shelters at primary and secondary schools, as well as other educational establishments, including nurseries and colleges.

So, why are outdoor canopies a good investment for schools? We’ve listed the top five reasons right here: 


REASON # 1: Deliver outdoor learning

With the benefits of outdoor learning being widely promoted by bodies, including the Government, more schools and colleges are tapping into the outdoor learning trend.

According to the Natural Connections project commissioned by Natural England, children are more motivated to learn when they’re outside, with 92% of teachers surveyed, saying pupils were more engaged with learning when outdoors. 85% saw a positive impact on their behaviour too.

Key takeaway: Outdoor learning canopies enable schools to effortlessly take learning outside the classroom, which can aid children’s overall development through outdoor learning and play.


REASON # 2: Create more space

Contrary to popular belief, canopy systems aren’t quick fix, temporary solutions. Today’s industry-leading canopies are self-contained buildings that can provide protection from the wind, rain and UV rays.

They can also feature retractable roofs, that are operated by a remote or smart device, sliding glass doors, integrated guttering and heating, like our hugely-popular Cantabria system. As a result, many educational settings are seeing canopies as more of a viable and cost effective way of creating additional teaching and dining space rather than venturing down the extension and building work route.

Key takeaway: With classroom sizes on the rise, outdoor canopies can provide schools with the much-needed solution they need to finding more space within their existing surroundings.

REASON # 3: Make the right impression 

First impressions matter, especially when schools have prospective pupils and parents visiting their site, which is why it’s particularly important to ensure their exterior, as well as their interior, looks as presentable as possible.

By investing in an outdoor canopy, schools can transform the overall appeal of their site more quickly and cost-effectively and with less hassle than perhaps they first thought…

Key takeaway: Simply installing an entranceway outdoor canopy, parent waiting shelter or covered study spot can all make a big impression on school visitors.


REASON # 4: Get more from their space

The beauty of outdoor canopy systems is that they’re multi-functional spaces, so can be used for more than just classroom space. They can be used in many other ways, such as providing meeting rooms, staff rooms or offices – the options are endless.

Take our range of outdoor canopies, for instance, they can be used in a whole host of ways, including:

Key takeaway: Many of today’s industry-leading school canopy systems can be used for a multitude of purposes, providing schools with an even greater return on their investment.

REASON # 5: Stay within their budget

Yes, outdoor canopy installations are an investment, but they’re an affordable investment that’s far more cost effective than building an extension or a new building in its own right. (What’s more, in most instances, you don’t have to worry about planning permission either).

For less than £5,000 (from £4,449 to be precise), it’s possible for schools to enhance their outdoor space with an outdoor canopy. We also offer a range of payment plans to make it easier for schools to fund their canopy investment.

Key takeaway: Investing in a school canopy doesn’t have to break the bank, it’s possible for schools to invest in a system that fits within their budget.


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