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Terrace lighting ideas for bars and restaurants

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Terrace drinking and al fresco dining is a favourite activity in the UK, no matter what the time of year. Having a designated outdoor seating area for your hotel or bar is a big attraction to customers, and it’s something that’s become more important as we live through the pandemic.

Bars and restaurants are looking for ways to make the most of available space and safely seat as many customers as possible. Turning disused or underused outdoor space into terrace one way businesses are maximising profits.

Terrace lighting ideas for bars and restaurants

The right lighting makes an outdoor terrace or beer garden suitable for eating and drinking throughout the evening. For sheltered and heated outdoor areas, terrace lighting can make outdoor seating feel cosier and more appealing, whatever the weather.

Terrace lighting ideas – the options

There are various ways to go with terrace lighting, depending on your budget and the size of your outdoor seating area. Here are three different options:


1. Fairy lights and decorative lighting

Cheap and easy to achieve, dressing a deck or beer garden up with some outdoor fairy lights is a fast and effective way to brighten up dull outdoor space. Fairy lights might not make a practical outdoor dining area, but they will encourage people to use seating for drinking during the evening or on gloomier days.


2. Commercial lighting fixtures and outdoor lamps

For a more permanent solution, commercial lighting fixtures and lamps provide sufficient lighting to make your outdoor seating usable all evening long. Teaming these with heating and shelter such as umbrellas or a canopy makes your outdoor terrace useable in the rain too.

3. In-built terrace lighting and shelter

To provide complete comfort and shelter in the winter and summer months, a covered terrace area with in-built heating and lighting is the ideal situation. It may not be within every budget, but it’s a huge pull to customers and means you guarantee use of your outdoor space in all weathers.


The Skyroof – RGB lighting technology

The Skyroof is an outdoor canopy system with retractable roof and sides that’s been designed specifically for the hospitality sector. More than providing shelter, it extends your whole premises and creates additional rooms or areas for hosting customers.

In terms of terrace lighting ideas, The Skyroof provides optimum creativity and control. The lights on its panels can be adjusted in 7 different colours using the RGB feature. Light intensity is controllable to outside conditions and to set the desired mood. The lighting is controlled from a smart system or mobile and there are linear and spotlights to set.

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