Everything you need to know about our site-specific calculations

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You may not have heard of the phrase ‘site-specific calculations’, but they’re an integral part of our everyday work.

Exclusive to Canopies UK, this set of essential calculations enables us to manufacture our outdoor canopies to our customers’ exact requirements. They also help make sure that all of our canopies are fit for purpose too.

From our customers’ perspective, this means they don’t have to worry about being caught out by any nasty surprises once we get to the installation stage. Any potential issues and challenges will have already all been accounted for because all of the essential outdoor canopy dos and don’ts will have already been considered.

This infographic lifts the lid on:

• What our site-specific calculations are

• Why they’re so important to outdoor canopy manufacture and design

• What they involve

• Key outdoor canopy dos and don’ts

Our site-specific calculations are specific to us. We’ve spilled the beans on what they are, what they involve and why they’re so special in this infographic. Take a look…