A day in the life of….our warehouse manager

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Our team is steadily growing by the day, but regardless of how large our workforce is, we’ll always be a close-knit team that cares about delivering the very best for all of our customers.

This ‘Day in the life of…’ post focuses on one of our newest members of staff, our warehouse manager, Sean Hammett, who joined us six months ago.

Q. What’s the first task you carry out each day?

A. Putting the kettle on for the team before the shift is about to start. I like to have that personal contact and quick catch up before planning for the day ahead.

Q. Are you mainly based in the warehouse or do you get involved with other departments too?

A. Yes, I’m mainly in the warehouse, but do get to get around other areas throughout the day, such as production, installation and sales.

I tend to work more frequently with the installation department, as we work together to organise installations. This includes getting the goods to site, working together on the fleet, van/car inspections and repairs and maintaining the tools.

Q. How many other people do you directly work alongside? What types of roles do they have?

A. At the moment, there’s me in the warehouse and I work alongside our warehouse supervisor, Chris Ashton. I also work closely with:

  • The installation team and the installers, including, Tammy Davies, our installation administrator and Mick Conway, our installation manager
  • Our production manager, Neil Chipps, to make sure what’s due to leave the warehouse is ready
  • Jon and Sam in accounts for stock takes and supplies.

There’s quite a bit of crossover!


Q. What does a typical day look like for you?

A. No two days are ever the same, so it’s a bit difficult to say! My regular tasks include organising goods in/goods out, closing production orders and wrapping finished canopies. I also get involved in the logistics side of things, arranging trade deliveries.

Q. What do you most enjoy about your job?

A. The people that help turn each cog of the business to achieve the end goal of customer satisfaction.

Q. Has your role changed at all?

A. Since joining just six months ago, I’ve taken on a few extra responsibilities and have come a long way to helping achieve better efficiencies and controls within the business.

Q. Looking ahead – how do you see it evolving?

A. Going forward, I envisage there’ll be an increased focus on maintaining customer satisfaction, increasing efficiencies, reducing supply costs and improving internal procedures.

Q. What’s the last task you complete before you clock off at the end of each day?

A. Making sure the warehouse is clean and presentable, the lights have been switched off and the building is secure.

Q. How would you describe your job in three words?

A. Challenging, enjoyable, satisfying.

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