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What are site specific calculations (and why do they matter)?


Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 10.11.41So, you’ve decided to invest in an outdoor canopy, but how can you be sure that it will be fit for purpose?

Yes, your supplier might be able to provide you with a canopy system that looks good on paper, and they might even be able to offer fast installation, but what assurances are there that it’s going to be right for the a) building it will be attached to or b) the ground it will sit in?

What guarantees are there that your canopy will stand the test of time?

Believe it or not, research suggests that many leading canopy manufacturers apply little engineering acumen to the design, build and installation of their canopies. It’s a common problem that can result in:

  • Maintenance and performance issues
  • Additional remedial costs
  • Poor aesthetics

Site-specific-calculations-drilling-canopy-frameWhile specifying an outdoor canopy or associated structure, such as a covered walkway or entrance cover, might seem quick and easy, it might not necessarily be particularly quick and easy in the long-run. Why? Because the ‘quicker and easier’ the installation might be, the greater the chance you’re being provided with an ‘off the shelf’ product solution that won’t deliver in the key areas you need it to deliver in – product and installation quality and longevity and performance stakes.

That’s where site-specific calculations come in.

Carried out by a technical surveyor, our site-specific calculations are designed to ensure that your outdoor canopy, walkway or entrance cover is designed, manufactured and installed specifically for the wall it will be attached to or the ground it will sit in.


Site-specific calculations factor in all of the key elements that might impact your structure, such as wind speed and snow fall, pre-existing trees and roots, drains, sewage and terrain type. If your canopy is going to be attached to a building, then details, including the age, strength, height and construction of the wall, will also be taken into consideration.

While site-specific calculations might sound complex and time-consuming, they’re a logical stage in the installation process that can actually save you time and money in the long-run. Regardless of the type of outdoor canopy you’ve opted for or the sector you operate within, these measurements are the key to ensuring your outdoor canopy is installed to the highest standard, provides optimum protection and is engineered – to last.

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