Umbrella Canopy In Blue at Devonshire Hill

Gazeebar Canopy!


Spring into action this year by avoiding the April showers at your school, after being limited to the indoors over a lengthy and cold winter now is the time to let the children get outside and reconnect with nature.

Avoid this year’s April showers and head outdoors with our umbrella shaped Gazeebar style canopy, allowing children to play in the spring showers without getting wet. Our Gazeebar canopies not only offer protection from the unpredictable spring weather but also look ultra-modern and stylish, making them the perfect addition to your schools playground.

A Gazeebar canopy will create the perfect covered area in your playground and has many uses from a parent waiting shelter which is handy when dropping the kids off, to a large sheltered picnic area for children to enjoy. An outdoor area gives a child space to be physical and energetic as it is so important for children to be able to understand and value the natural world all year round.

UK weather makes it hard for children and teachers to make the most of the outdoors but with a canopy the weather can be beaten and you can allow children outside.

Our Gazeebar canopies feature translucent GRP roofing sheets that not only protect from the rain but also offer protection from the suns harmful UV rays. Our canopies come in a wide range of colours and if required we can even bespoke your canopy to your schools identity/uniform colours.

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