Fun ways for schools to incorporate the outdoors

Outdoor games for kids at school

Spending time outdoors is hugely beneficial for children’s development, but busy routines and the unpredictable weather means learning and/or playing outside doesn’t happen every day.

According to the Natural Connections projects commissioned by Natural England, children are more motivated to learn when they’re outside. 92% of the teachers they surveyed said pupils were more engaged with learning when they were outdoors. 85% saw a positive impact on their behaviour too.

It’s remarkable just how much youngsters can benefit from spending time outdoors; from stimulating their brain and boosting their fitness and Vitamin D levels, to simply giving them the chance to burn off some of that extra energy.

However, thinking of fun and creative things to do outdoors all of the time can be time-consuming, so we’ve taken care of it for you.

You’ll find everything you need in our flashcards, which:

 Contain 14 easy-to-follow ideas for spending more time outdoors

 Are aimed at primary school teachers and their pupils

 Feature outdoor games for kids at school

 Can be used by children during the school day and at home too!

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