What to expect from Canopies UK’s canopy site survey process

Our canopy site survey is a fundamental part of our work, which the Canopies UK team knows inside out.

But if you’re new to the world of outdoor canopies and haven’t experienced a site survey before, the prospect of having one can be bit daunting.

Our site surveys take part at the very start of the installation process. They enable us to make sure your canopy location is right and the product you choose 100% meets your needs and is suitable for the surroundings.

Site surveys aren’t a daunting experience. They are, in fact, extremely insightful for both ourselves and our customers. We’ve carried out literally hundreds of them now, for every single canopy we’ve installed, and have decided to talk you through what they involve using a handy cheat sheet.

Download our free cheat sheet and discover:

1. What we do in the lead up to our canopy site surveys.

2. What happens on the day.

3. The steps we always follow afterwards.

Click here to download