School canopy ideas for every learning environment

When space is at a premium and budgets are getting tighter with each new school year, schools are having to think more creatively about how to get more from their existing space.

As a result, many schools up-and-down the country are coming up with all sorts of interesting ways to use our outdoor canopies.

With one, or more, of our outdoor canopies in place, schools can offer outdoor learning and play all year round and create much-needed dining, teaching and study space.

We’ve created this visual guide to share some school canopy ideas with you.

You may want to follow in the footsteps of the schools featured within the guide or you may want to add your own twist to the school canopy ideas, either way, it’ll provide you with plenty of food for thought.

Download our free 12-page guide now and see for yourself:

1. Some of the latest school canopy ideas we’ve worked on

2. How schools are using our outdoor canopies to create the extra space they need

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