Giveaway: Wellbeing in Schools

Wellbeing, especially wellbeing within schools, is often referred to as the biggest challenge for a generation right now.

It’s widely reported that mental health organisations are helping schools to create an environment that nurtures the wellbeing of pupils and staff.

Meanwhile, schools are being encouraged to take a whole-school approach to mental health and wellbeing and embed it within their school culture.

Taking an overarching approach to mental health and wellbeing extends way beyond the classroom. It applies to many other elements of school life too, from free periods and break-times to PE, drama and dance.

Enhancing students’ wellbeing invariably involves enhancing the school environment, using methods that are becoming increasingly creative by the day.

Download our Wellbeing in Schools eBook for practical insight on:

• Developing wellbeing in your school – broken down into five, easy-to-follow steps.

• Ways you can incorporate wellbeing – across all elements of school life.

• The current health and wellbeing picture – illustrated by key statistics about mental illness and wellbeing.

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