Free lesson plan: Class Game

Do you want to encourage your pupils to play outside more, but need a little lesson plan inspiration? Or perhaps you’d like to try some totally new classroom games that you’ve never tried before?

Either way, we can help. We’re huge ambassadors of outdoor play for children.

We work closely with schools up-and-down the country and are really passionate about championing active learning and enjoyable, creative, safe outdoor play.

We’ve created a series of free lesson plans that are designed to enable nurseries and schools to hold outdoor games that all children can play and enjoy, such as Class Game, the second plan in our series of free lesson plans.

This game fulfills the following National Curriculum Learning objectives:

1. Children can participate actively in collaborative conversations and develop and record ideas.

2. Pupils can listen and respond appropriately to adults and their peers.

What you’ll need

• Multiple soft balls/beanbags or similar items

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