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Canopies for Schools in East London: Our Latest Installations

The start of 2018 has been a busy period for Canopies UK, especially when it comes to work in the education sector. Whether they’re providing shelter to parents waiting for their children or creating a year-round location for outdoor learning, education canopies offer numerous benefits. Read on to find out about our latest umbrella canopy […]

Canopies in Bristol, Kenilworth and Norwich: Our latest installations

  Over Christmas, Canopies UK have completed work on a series of schools and businesses across Bristol, Kenilworth and Norwich. Interest has been strong from local schools and businesses, which are increasingly recognising the seasonal benefits of providing covered areas to protect customers from inclement weather. Read on to find out ...

Canopies UK to install additional canopy at Manchester Communication Academy

  Canopies UK carried out a double canopy installation in 2011 at the newly-built Manchester Communication Academy. Due to the success of the project the Academy has been in contact and asked them to install a 3rd canopy for a different area. Previously, the Academy called in Canopies UK to install two large canopies over an outdoor ...

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