Ysgol Gynradd Llanidloes Primary

The school wanted to provide outdoor cover for their early years classrooms.


Ysgol Gynradd Llanidloes Primary identified the need for a canopy to offer the children covered space for outdoor play. The school wanted free flowing outdoor learning and play space for the younger students that meant they could move in and out of the classrooms without being affected by poor weather.

The requirement

We needed to install a canopy system into the school’s outdoor play area that would provide suitable cover for the early years classrooms. The canopy was to be installed in an area where there were high sliding doors on the building front. The system would need to be fixed to the brickwork above the doors, with supporting posts at the front in order to avoid any obstacles in doorway. Because of this, we specified our polycarbonate roof veranda would be the best-suited canopy to the project.

The challenge

Our main challenge was working with the height of the doors on the building the canopy was to be attached to. There was a distance of 3.5m to the nearest fixing point at the back. During installation, we needed to be mindful of ensuring we could fix the canopy system to the brickwork above the door while also providing enough of a pitch on the roof to ensure that sufficient protection from rainfall was given.

The solution

We overcame the challenge of the door height using a personalised solution through our veranda system. The bespoke nature of the canopy meant were able to tick all the relevant boxes for the school, and ultimately the solution was tailored to suit their exacting requirements. We were successfully able to fix the canopy system to the point of the building required while ensuring the right pitch for suitable rainfall coverage.


The school now has a new canopy system that offers young students the opportunity to spend time outdoors, no matter what the weather. The canopy was tailored to the requirements of Ysgol Gynradd Llanidloes Primary and means that rainfall is no longer an issue when it comes to outdoor play and learning.