Woodcote High School

The school were extending their dining space and wanted a new, covered outdoor dining area.


Woodcote High School were already Canopies UK customers, after previously having a Connekt canopy system installed to provide outdoor cover for the students. They were planning to extend their dining area and wanted additional covered seating to go alongside it.

The requirement

The school were looking to increase dining capacity by adding in an additional canteen, which would include a kitchen area, a servery and dining area. There was an old outbuilding that was to be demolished to create room for the new dining space.

As part of the new dining space, they needed a canopy that would create some sheltered outdoor dining space – the school had issues with dining capacity, so wanted to create a useable space that could not only be used for dining, but also for other uses, like an additional teaching area.

The challenge

The main challenge was the interaction of the canopy with the existing school building. The canopy extends out from the building to create the dining space, and we needed to incorporate this into the overhang of the building roofline.

It was also important that the canopy felt like a cohesive part of the school and retained the identity and look of the rest of the site.

The solution

We identified the Cantabria as a multi-purpose solution that would perfectly suit the school’s needs. We met on site several times to thoroughly consult with the school, discuss requirements and advise on the best possible solution.

We had some complications with the project during the installation due to groundwork and drainage problems, which had to be resolved before the project was completed.

In order to retain the corporate identity of the school’s colour scheme, we matched the Cantabria to the school’s colours of yellow and blue.


The completed canopy system offers Woodcote High School extra outdoor cover where students can sit down for lunch, successfully reducing overcrowding in the indoor dining areas. The multi-use aspect of the Cantabria also means that if required, the school can use the covered outdoor area as additional teaching or study space.