Interlink Express

Protecting lorry loads from the weather at Interlnk Express' depot in Letchworth


Interlink Express is one of the UK's leading distribution specialists, handling deliveries throughout the UK and around the world. The Letchworth branch is one of the sites within Interlink Express' extensive UK network.

The requirement

Interlink Express wanted a small canopy that covered the entrance to their warehouse and the tail-end of their delivery lorries as they were being loaded at the loading bay.


The lorries and the large loading bay door need to be sheltered, which meant the canopy had to be installed above the door and allow clearance for reversing lorries and their integrated loading platforms.

The height of the door was 6m and could accommodate two lorries side-by-side, which meant the canopy had to be at least 6m wide.

The solution

We chose to install our modular Connekt canopy because of its cantilevered design, which had previously proved highly effective at numerous warehouse/distribution sites.

Our in-house engineer custom designed the steelwork over the loading doors, which was built as a solid framework. The posts that were at either side of the door were then bolted down to the existing concrete slab after the load requirements had been calculated – it effectively enabled us to use the existing concrete floor as an anchor.

The spec

Connekt system icon
2 steel supporting posts
Connekt system icon
1 steel frame
Connekt system icon
10 fibreglass roof sheets
Connekt system icon
160 bags concrete
Connekt system icon
3 days to install
Connekt system icon
2 Canopies UK installers


Lorries can now be loaded at Interlink Express’ Letchworth depot without their loads being damaged by the weather.

And, because we painted the canopy in the same shade of grey as the rest of the building, using our colour-matching service, it seamlessly blends in.

warehouse loading bay canopy