Highgate Wood Secondary School

The school wanted a large, covered area that would serve as extra space for outdoor dining.


We were approached by Highgate Wood Secondary School, who wanted us to create a covered outside area in a large space between the school buildings.

The requirement

The school wanted a large, sheltered area that would fill in an awkward gap in between three different existing school buildings. This would provide additional space for serving food and outdoor dining, helping to reduce overcrowding during lunchtime.

The challenge

The canopy had to be designed to effectively cover an awkwardly shaped area, at a height that matched the existing three school buildings. It also had to match the school’s colour scheme, which meant colour matching to a specific shade of grey.

There were a number of drains in the area that needed to be avoided, as well as a ramp that ran along the side of one of the nearby buildings. We knew that this access route needed to be kept clear and unimpacted by the installation of canopy posts.

The solution

We used a dual pitched back-to-back Connekt system to cover the required area. As the projection was so large, we used two systems together to ensure the area had the appropriate coverage. We were able to colour match the RAL code provided for the school’s existing shade of grey, ensuring that the canopy blended in seamlessly with its surroundings.

We created a high canopy system to match height of the current buildings and ensured that the spans between the posts were wide to avoid overcrowding. We carefully plotted the locations for the canopy posts to ensure that they avoided both the ramped area and the drains.

This solution was bespoke and created to perfectly meet the requirements of the school site. We advised Highgate Wood Secondary School at every step of the process to ensure they were happy with the end result.


The canopy system was completed on time to the bespoke specifications of Highgate Wood Secondary School. The canopy means the students now have additional, covered outdoor dining space to help reduce overcrowding during break and lunch times.