Harris Academy

Creating a sheltered walkway to prevent Harris Academy students from getting rained on as they make their way to and from lessons.


Harris Academy is a secondary school in Bermondsey, London. The school teaches girls aged between 11 and 18 and currently 900 students on roll.

The requirement

The school wanted to create a sheltered walkway that would prevent pupils from getting rained on as they made their way to and from lessons. It needed to cover several buildings at numerous different angles.

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There were several challenges we had to overcome with this particular project, as the walkway needed to incorporate numerous window and door openings and awkward building angles and underground services and drainage.

The solution

Given the number of challenges associated with creating this walkway, we chose to install our Connekt canopy because it’s flexible enough to be able to sweep around corners at various angles and accommodate other potential obstructions.

The canopy has no supporting posts at the front, which means there’s more space for pupils to walk around and fewer obstructions to worry about.

This is one of the more complex installations we’ve worked on and so we carried out our work during the summer holidays. This enabled us to work freely with our machinery and take delivery of bulkier materials, such as concrete, without causing any disruption to school life.

The spec

Connekt system icon
Several buildings covered
Connekt system icon
At numerous different angles
Connekt system icon
No supporting front posts, meaning fewer obstructions and more space
Connekt system icon
Installed during the summer holidays
Connekt system icon
The school already has plans to extend the walkway


Pupils and staff at Harris Academy can now go from building-to-building without giving the weather a second thought. Meanwhile the school has already decided to extend the walkway by adding extra links to it.

school canopy shelters
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