Christ the King Catholic High School

We helped Christ the King Catholic High School create more usable outdoor space, increasing usable space for breaks and lunchtimes.


The school had a severe lack of covered outdoor space, which meant that students had nowhere to comfortably gather or sit during breaks and lunchtimes. This was particularly a problem during poor weather. The school reached out as they wanted to offer students more choice by creating a new sheltered outdoor space.

The requirement

The school was looking to provide a covered area with benches where students could sit with their lunch, no matter the weather. It would also serve as a general space for students to gather and socialise at breaktimes. Poor weather was causing issues within the school, as students had no choice but to stay inside. The addition of a canopy would open up the outdoor space all year round, allowing students to spend time outside while protected from the elements.

The challenge

The chosen area for the canopy was one with high footfall during lesson changeovers. The space also doubled as a fire escape route. Therefore, obstructions needed to be kept to an absolute minimum. We needed to avoid a structure with posts on the edges, which would take up too much space and create an issue for people walking through the space.

The solution

Our proposed solution was the Connekt back-to-back canopy. Using the back-to-back system meant we only needed posts to the centre of the canopy rather than down both outside edges, avoiding obstruction issues. The Connekt system meant that the school could cover the area that they wanted comfortably while also keeping the fire escape route clear.


The canopy installation went without issues. The school now has a new sheltered outside space where students can socialise and eat lunch, reducing congestion inside.