All Saints CE Primary School

All Saints CE Primary School wanted to expand its covered play area.


All Saints CE Primary School wanted to replace an existing timber canopy and expand its covered play area by connecting it with an existing canopy previously installed by our team.

The requirement

All Saints CE Primary School aimed to enhance its outdoor play area while maintaining the aesthetics and functional benefits of the existing canopy. The school’s vision was to create a vibrant, multicoloured canopy that would encompass two sides of the building, providing an all-weather play space for the children. We needed to link the new canopy with the previous installation to create an expansive, colourful and inviting space for outdoor activities – no matter the weather.

The challenge

The primary challenge in this project was integrating two different-sized canopies, particularly in the corner section where they needed to connect. The existing canopies were installed at different times over recent years, and our solution needed to guarantee a seamless connection.

In addition, the multicoloured design that the school had in mind posed a unique challenge, as the new infill sections had to maintain and extend the colour scheme around the corner of the building.

The solution

We proposed a Connekt canopy system mounted on brackets, ensuring a secure and visually appealing connection. We had previously collaborated with the school’s business manager during the installation of the initial canopy and knew the goal had been to extend the canopy around the corner. Our team’s expertise was instrumental in making it a reality.

Specialised brackets and beams were designed and manufactured to accommodate the differing sizes and configurations. The vibrant, multicoloured design was executed perfectly to provide a bright and engaging atmosphere for the school’s outdoor play area.


The successful completion of the canopy project brought many positive outcomes for the school.

  1. Enhanced play area: The newly installed canopy provided All Saints CE Primary School with an expanded, covered play area that met the school’s initial vision of creating an inviting outdoor space for children to enjoy throughout the year.
  2. Seamlessly integrated: Despite the challenge of connecting the two canopies, we ensured a cohesive integration of the two canopy sections.
  3. Vibrant design: The finished canopy is visually appealing and adds a lively atmosphere to the school’s outdoor area.
  4. Timely completion: The project was completed on schedule, allowing the school to benefit from the new canopy as planned without any disruption to the school year.

“I want to thank you and your team for the amazing works carried out over the Christmas break installing our new Canopies. They look fabulous and your installation team were brilliant! They were totally professional and worked to a very high standard.

I will have no hesitation in recommending Canopies UK to colleagues in other schools. Thank you also for all your help & guidance with the project, it truly has been a huge success and is being admired by all!”

June Heard, School Bursar, All Saints CE Primary School