Freestanding walkways

Freestanding walkway canopies are a hugely functional canopy solution.

Based on our industry-leading site-specific calculations and bespoke design, manufacturing and installation, our freestanding walkway canopies are engineered for purpose and built to last.

Freestanding walkways provide much-needed shelter from the elements all-year round and can be manufactured with minimum supporting posts, especially when incorporating cantilevered or wall-mounted designs.

These types of canopies don’t need to be attached to or supported by other structures. And they can also be designed so that the supporting posts are positioned at the back, minimising the risk of obstruction and fully opening up the space beneath.

Alternatively, they can incorporate a single central supporting post, which is a key feature of our Connekt freestanding umbrella canopy.

Freestanding canopies can be used in all sorts of circumstances and are particularly effective at protecting areas that are wide-reaching or span window or door openings, awkward angles or underground services or drainage.


Our freestanding walkway canopies keep people sheltered as they get from A to B across multiple sectors, such as education, healthcare, commercial and hospitality. Here are some examples.

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Sheltering pupils and staff as they make their way to and from lessons, connecting classrooms together, creating a good first impression with parents and visitors and preventing accidents caused by icy or wet paths.

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Giving your premises the professional edge, creating a dedicated sheltered smoking zone or a sheltered designated fire exit meeting point, and connecting up your buildings.

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Protecting patients, visitors and staff from the elements, creating a link between departments, sheltering patients and visitors while they wait outside and minimising the risk of accidents caused by icy or wet paths.

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Available Systems:

covered walkways


Our Connekt canopy system is a modular system and can be any length – you can even add to it in the future. It is highly versatile and is used singularly or in multiples to cover large areas. It projects up to 4m when fixed to a building and the cantilevered design means no supporting posts are needed.

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