Wet Playtime Pack – 10 quick games to play in the classroom

Try these quick games to play in the classroom…

Rain showers can put a real dampener on children’s breaktimes because when it’s raining, there’s no alternative but to stay indoors and out of the wet weather.

But no matter how persistent or heavy those rain showers get, there’s no reason why children shouldn’t still enjoy their breaks, especially when there’s a whole wealth of games they can play indoors!

Children thrive on structure and routine, but when the weather’s not the best, this routine may slightly change at break and lunchtimes. The important thing is to keep them occupied and distracted from the fact they aren’t inside.

That’s where our Wet Playtime Pack comes in, which features 10 quick games to play in the classroom.

Download our Wet Playtime Pack and:

• Start playing all sorts of fun indoor games

• Say ‘goodbye’ to boring wet playtimes

• Keep everybody entertained when it rains

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