Outdoor canopies: Perception vs. reality

The benefit of canopies in schools – the facts

Outdoor canopies may be used far and wide throughout the world of education.

For instance, they can be used to create covered walkways, outdoor learning and play areas, spectator zones, sheltered dining space plus, much more.

But if you’ve never ventured into the world of outdoor canopies before, then you may not know a great deal about them. This means that you may not 100% know what type of canopy you need or the many ways in which they can benefit your nursery, college or school.

However, many of our new canopy customers will have heard plenty of myths about canopies – what they’re used for, what they do, what they can’t do. So, to set the record straight, we’ve created our free factsheet.

Download our factsheet and discover:

• The true benefit of canopies in schools

• What can be achieved

• What can’t be achieved

• Get the true facts

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