Key questions you can’t afford not to ask your canopy manufacturer

As with all investments, there are certain questions you should ask and information you ought to uncover before purchasing an outdoor canopy.

For starters, there are all sorts of different canopy manufacturers out there, who all provide very different types of services, ranging from just manufacturing or just installation, to the complete end-to-end service – design, manufacturing and installation.

There are also all sorts of different products available too. These include standard, off-the-shelf products and more bespoke canopy creations. The options are endless, which is why it’s important you choose the right canopy manufacturer.

Download our free checklist and discover the five key questions you need to ask to make sure your canopy manufacturer:

• Is the right canopy provider for you

• Will provide you with a canopy that’s 100% right

•Is highly professional and working to the right standards

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