Free eBook: Outdoor classroom ideas for making more room

Space is incredibly precious for schools these days. Average class sizes are steadily rising, as resources and budgets are becoming increasingly squeezed.

Extensions and new buildings may sound like the obvious option. However, they come at a cost and can be time-consuming, with some projects requiring planning permission before work can begin.

As a result, schools are becoming extremely resourceful in how they go about finding the space they require. Whether it’s classroom, meeting, study or dining space they need, schools are setting their sights on getting much more from their space.

And they’re becoming more creative in how they view and use their space in their quest to make their existing facilities work even harder for them.


Download our free guide and get the lowdown on:

1) The modern measures schools are taking right now to make more room

2) The various different uses for outdoor canopies within schools

3) Practical outdoor classroom ideas for schools (based on real-life case studies)

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