The Italia Entrance Canopy

For the business that really wants to stand out and make a statement, the sleek modern design of our Italia entrance canopy is the perfect choice for a sheltered area in front of your office.


Available in 4 styles and various projections to cover the available space, the Italia can be extended to cover double, triple or even quadruple doorways. Depending on your style preference, you can opt for a curved or flat sloping roof.

Italia Canopy Specifics

  • Completely self-supporting, meaning there are no pillars or posts at the supporting end
  • Made with an aluminium frame and a polycarbonate roof
  • Integrated guttering for rainwater
  • Available in silver finish
  • Can be installed as single units or multiples
  • 4 styles available: Monza, Sienna, Salerno & Verona
  • Payment Plans available